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About Klola

Klola Indonesia is a technology-based company focusing on people solutions. The name “klola” is derived from the word "kelola" or "mengelola" in Bahasa Indonesia or “to manage” in English.
Supported by technology, our aspiration as a company is to help every organization manage its important asset -- its people -- anytime, anywhere. We would like to improve people’s quality of life. We would like to eliminate all the administrative works, and help companies to release the maximum potentials of their people, by helping them focus more on value-added activities.

Klola is developed, continuously refined and supported by a group of people of various backgrounds and experiences, including in human resources, information technology, finance & accounting, as well as business management. All share various skills, knowledges and passions to achieve the common objective: To help every organization manage its people anytime, anywhere.

Press Release


  • 2014

    Klola berdiri pada tahun 2014, dengan mengusung tagline Managing People Anywhere Anytime.