Klola cloud enables a flexible, efficient and effective people management.

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to work and manage your people from anywhere, anytime. As long as you are connected to internet, working and managing your people can be done easily from anywhere and anytime.

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People Administration and Management Made Easy

Just connect to the internet and enjoy the flexibility and freedom to work and manage your people from anywhere, anytime. This includes administering your benefits, compensation, payroll, recruitment, or training. Join other companies of various sizes and industries to improve the flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of managing the people in your organization.

Employee Information

klola® can produce comprehensive and updated information about people and various HR practices in the company in real time, from recruitment to employee separation. Supported by technology, we want to provide our users not only with standard and generic information about people management, but also with quality and strategic ones.

Time Attendance

Time Attendance module can be easily connected to any popular attendance-machine. This enables companies to get any attendance data, present the data in a straightforward-and-easy-to-understand format, and calculate any attendance-based compensation efficiently.

Payroll Administration

Payroll administration module provides facilities to calculate employees’ income taxes (PPh21) of various tax schemes and employment status in Indonesia. It can efficiently facilitate the payroll needs of companies of multiple branches having a large number of employees and various payroll administration complexities. Corrective and retroactive payroll processing for any individual, a group of employees, or the whole organization can be facilitated easily. klola® flexible-reporting system enables companies to generate customized payroll reports, in addition to the mandatory ones.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits module features various capabilities that enables companies to administer their compensation and benefits systems, policies and programs efficiently. klola® ESS (Employee Self-Service) increases employee’s productivity and work-efficiency. It provides a greater flexibility to employees in administering their leaves, medical reimbursements, loans, e-payslips, and many other. Other facility includes a tool to simulate performance-based salary increase and bonus.

Main Features

Klola focuses on adopting technology to improve and automate people administration and management in companies. We will continously improve the current features and add new and innovative features to help companies get the most out of their people.

  • Employee Information
  • Payroll Administration
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Time Attendance
  • Organization Structure & Job Description
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)

Flexible Payroll Management

Klola can facilitate various payroll administration needs of various employment and taxation schemes in Indonesia

  • Gross, Net, or Mix Taxation Method
  • Employee with or without NPWP
  • Permanent or Not Permanent Employee
  • Daily, Weekly and Contract Employee
  • Pensioner and honorarium-based employee
  • Government Employee and Private Sector Employee

Pricing Structure

We provide reasonable pricing structure according to the number of employees and types of services required. Please contact us for detail pricing.

Klola helps companies of various sizes, industries and employment situations improve their work-efficiency and effectiveness.

20+ Companies

20.000+ Employees

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